Customer Comments

TAZ Rescue GSD:  I**** from GSDR mentioned that you already did some volunteer work for them and referred to you as one of the most experienced and capable dog trainers in the country – I have to say, we agree with that description! The work you did with us completely transformed our approach and benefited our dog’s lives immeasurably….. Dr. F. A.

Baily, Rescue GSD. “We are very impressed – he is doing GREAT considering its just a week. We put him into the car this morning without any prior preparation so he didnt get too excited- didnt even put a lead on him. Then put the lead on afterwards…..” Mrs CN. Clevelys

Diesel GSD. “Hi Mark, just want to say a massive thank you for all your help today with deisel.Today started a nightmare when deisel went for those two dogs i was going to get back in car and go home but soo glad i stayed for your brilliant help in bringing deisel under control.Deisel enjoyed the training and i found i could relax knowing we were both in safe hands.Will be coming as much as i can to continue your good work with deisel so i can enjoy him without fear of him hurting any other dogs whilst out walking.Really cant thank you enough. “jackie and deisel

Ebony, Doberman“…she seems to get worked up about everything even a leaf. There is no doubt that she really has benefitted from coming, she is a different dog altogether although she doesn’t always show it, I too have learnt a lot you might not think it but I enjoy bringing her and coming as its a complete break for me and something totally different.”
Many thanks for your help and advice. Sue (Preston)

School sessions in Wigan “I just wanted to thank you again for the sessions you delivered. I also found your session very enjoyable and I think it was very informative for the children. I know the children I spoke to really enjoyed meeting Nell and learning about dogs, their behaviour and how to look after a dog properly. I hope that we can work together again during our future anti dog-fouling campaigns. Kind regards,” R H. Eco-Schools Officer Wigan

Chloe Yellow lab  “Just to let you know youre a miracle worker.  Chloe walked perfectly this morning, Mark you are a star.” Teresa – Wigan

Taz & Mishka GSDs – Hi  Mark, thought I’d send you an update on our gorgeous guys given that you were  instrumental in their success stories.As you might recall, we got Mischka following the devastating & unexpected loss of our beloved Kaia. Taz was in a very bad way & withdrew into a shell of his former self, refusing to eat and seeming years older overnight. The addition of Mischka (formerly Micha)changed things dramatically, and since then Taz has had a new lease oflife. They play together each & every day, choosing always to be next to each other rather than apart. Since Mark’s brilliant instruction session, Mischka is a changed dog, leading to frequent compliments on the park & owners stating that they wished their dogs were so immaculately behaved (we always provide mark’s number at this point!)The pair of them light up our lives, and the whole family are besottedwith them

Jake – Border Collie  Still jumping in the car himself, fantastic, and I brushed him all over without tying him up or using the muzzle.  Thanks again Mark, you are a star. Janet, Preston.

Pixie –  GSD –   Quick update on Pixie, we are walking past other dogs with little or no reaction at about half the distance to the dogs she was near on the field 🙂 If she does start to react (generally if the other dog starts to bark or lunge first) I can get eye contact and her attention within 2 or 3 seconds and she will sit whilst I talk to the other dog owner across the road. I am really pleased and immensely grateful for your help and advice thank you so much!! Alix Wigan