Our Dogs


This is Bella, a 2 year old “working” Cocker Spaniel. Got to say she’s the liveliest dog I’ve ever owned. She has plenty of drive and go and is superb at agility where she tackles jumps at heights usually only for the larger dogs! she excels at retrieve work and loves swimming, so much so that she swam the width of the Lancaster canal at 12 weeks of age!!!


This is Lexi another rescued from lancs GSD rescue in 2016. She is 8 years old now and is a joy to own, apart from eating my car seatbelt the first week I got her! She already does  fantastically well at agility and is improving rapidly with her obedience. a laid back and loyal friend.


Mark has over 40 years industry experience and has had great success over the years training many dogs, his success lies in his calm methodical approach which can cope with even the most unruly of our canine friends!  Mark works with groups and also on a one to one basis, he is based in Wigan but works all over the north west helping owners and their dogs lead a more harmonious life.

Mark has lectured at Myerscough Agricultural College, worked with Wigan Council on dog behavioural matters and had spoken for the Probus society as well as  being involved in several tv programmes. The Princes Trust is another national organisation that have also benefitted from Marks unique approach. He is also the voice behind the displays put on By Preston Agility Dogs (PADs) and is a founder member of that club . Mark also works closely with several canine rescue organisations and helps processing and rehabilitating of any problem dogs. Many dogs owe their lives to the Dogtastic techniques that bring about behavioural changes.


I rescued Heidi from a home where she hadn’t been outside in solitary for many months, was under weight and nervous of everything and everyone! She was also going to be rehomed once trained but again I  decided to keep her. She has had her problems and has proved to be very dominant if left to her own devices within my pack. She was a dog that needed firm leadership and guidance to stop trouble from breaking out. She did well at agility & was an integral part of the display team.  Sadly Heidi was put to sleep in May 2016 after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Rest easy my beautiful girl x.


What can we say about him? He was spoiled  rotten. A real character, & being obedient does not come naturally to him. Typically for a terreir he can be noisy and loves his food! . Jake has worked with me when visiting centers for adults with learning dificulties and was a huge hit with all the people there. He has also helped with teenagers from the Princes Trust and showed them how much fun a little dog can have! Sadley Jake was PTS in 2016 and is much missed


Nell was my main obedience and agility dog for many years, winning dozens of prizes, though now sadly retired. Despite suffering a stroke several years ago, when she temporarily lost her sight and was unable to stand or walk, she has plodded on merrily to old age. She enjoys a little walk out every day and is happy in her retirement. My beautiful Nellie was PTS aged 17 years. a superb dog and best friend.