Welcome to Dogtastic

Owner and trainer Mark Calvert has over 40 years experience in training all types of dogs.  There are many types of training available to todays dog owners, but not many trainers with as much varied experience!  Please call for a quote then compare our service and price with other trainers, you will be amazed!  Marks Dogtastic techniques are non food  based and use the dogs natural instincts to improve and amend unwanted behaviours.  Success and ongoing high demand for his services prove Marks methods and ideas are founded on strong principles, and are backed up by practical success not theory.  Non food  based training  is an alternative  means of getting the dog to work & behave for you, gaining respect and taking the leadership role are the keys to what Mark teaches.

Dogtastic offers a range of services including group classes, 1:1 tuition, Sunday fun days and help in choosing & sourcing a dog that fits your lifestyle and family. Mark receives recomendations and referals from vetinary surgeons and rescue centres, and never turns away any dog no matter what the problems are.  We are more than happy to train any handler young or old, and especially anyone with a disability.  Well respected in the industry and having a fantastic success rate, combined with the personable approach and wealth of knowledge makes Dogtastic a perfect choice for any dog owner.